At Companion Pet Care in Fort Myers, we provide Microchipping as a straightforward yet effective means of ensuring your pet’s safety and well-being.

Microchipping in Fort Myers, FL

Our dedication to your pet’s protection and pleasure motivates us to offer the most thorough and kind microchipping service in Fort Myers.

a vet holding a dog

The Heart of Microchipping:
Protecting Your Pet

More than just surgery, microchipping is a vow to protect your cherished pet and ensure they are always at your side. Why Companion Pet Care microchipping service is your pet’s key to a safer and more secure life is explained here:

Permanent Identification: Unlike collars and tags that can be lost or damaged, a microchip is a tiny, permanent ID inserted just under your pet’s skin. It contains a unique code linked to your contact information, making it a reliable way to identify your pet if it ever gets lost.

Rapid Reunions: Every pet parent’s worst fear is losing their furry friend. Our microchipping service gives lost pets a higher chance of being reunited with their families. Shelters and veterinary clinics across Fort Myers and beyond can scan for microchips, allowing for quick identification and contact with you.

Peace of Mind: Microchipping provides peace of mind beyond mere identification. It means your pet has extra protection, no matter the circumstances. It’s a promise to always be there for your pet, even when you can’t be.

Painless and Quick: The microchipping procedure is quick and virtually painless for your pet. It’s a small investment for a lifetime of security.

Our Commitment to Your Pet’s Well-Being

We at Companion Pet Care are concerned about the health of your animal family member. Our knowledgeable staff is aware of the emotional bond that exists between pet parents and their animals. We don’t just offer a service; we also ensure your pet is safe.

Our microchipping service in Fort Myers is:

Accurate: We use the latest technology to ensure the microchip is inserted correctly and functions as intended.

Safe: Your pet’s comfort and safety are our top priorities. The procedure is quick, minimally invasive, and causes minimal discomfort.

Comprehensive: We provide all the necessary information and resources to keep your contact details up-to-date, ensuring the microchip is always effective.