In-House Laboratory

Our team at Companion Pet Care is aware that your pets are more than simply household members; they are beloved parts of your family. We are motivated by a deep appreciation of the special relationship between pet owners and their animal companions.

In-House Laboratory in Fort Myers, FL

Our veterinary clinic in Fort Myers, Florida, is committed to supplying quality care, and we take great satisfaction in providing advanced In-House Laboratory services to ensure that your cherished pets receive the best care possible.

a dog with a stethoscope

The Heart of Pet Wellness:
Our In-House Laboratory

Prompt and precise diagnosis is the key to successful treatment for your pet’s health. Our dedication to your pet’s well-being is demonstrated through our modern In-House Laboratory. Here is why it’s important:

Rapid Results, Swift Solutions: Our In-House Laboratory is equipped with advanced technology, allowing us to perform various diagnostic tests on-site. From bloodwork to urinalysis, we deliver rapid results, often within minutes. When your pet needs answers, we can provide them swiftly, enabling prompt treatment and peace of mind.

Reduced Stress for Your Pet: Traditional diagnostic processes often require sending samples to external labs, causing delays and stress for pets and their parents. With our In-House Laboratory, there’s no need for long waits or additional visits. Your pet can receive diagnostics and treatment in one convenient location, minimizing anxiety and discomfort.

Tailored Treatment Plans: Our experienced veterinarians can craft personalized treatment plans based on immediate test results. This precision ensures that your pet receives the proper care at the right time, enhancing their chances of a swift recovery.

Comprehensive Care: From routine wellness check-ups to complex medical cases, our In-House Laboratory plays a pivotal role in diagnosing various conditions, including infections, organ dysfunction, and chronic diseases. This comprehensive approach to diagnostics empowers us to address your pet’s unique needs effectively.

Experience the Difference at Companion Pet Care

We at Companion Pet Care are committed to providing compassionate care above and beyond the norm. Our highly qualified veterinarians and support personnel are deeply passionate about animals and aware of your close relationship with your pets.

What sets us apart:

Expertise: Our veterinarians are not just professionals; they are pet lovers too. With years of experience and a commitment to staying at the forefront of veterinary medicine, they provide the highest level of care.

Advanced Technology: Our In-House Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accuracy and efficiency in diagnostics. We invest in the best tools available because your pet deserves nothing less.

Compassion: We understand that your pet’s well-being is your top priority. That’s why we empathize with every case, actively involving you in your pet’s healthcare journey.