Dental Care

At Companion Pet Care, we are aware of the close connections between your pet’s dental health and happiness.

Dental Care

Our Fort Myers, Florida, veterinary clinic is committed to giving pets outstanding dental care for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

a vet brushing a dog's teeth

The Importance of Dental Care for Your Pet

Like humans, pets can experience dental disorders that cause discomfort, suffering, and other health issues. Regular dental care is essential for more than just having a beautiful smile.

Pain Prevention: Dental problems can be painful for your pet, affecting their ability to eat, play, and enjoy life. Our dental care services focus on early detection and treatment to prevent pain and discomfort.

Improved Breath: Bad breath is often a sign of dental issues in pets. Our dental care can help freshen your pet’s breath, making those cuddle sessions even more enjoyable.

Overall Health: Dental problems can have far-reaching effects on your pet’s overall health. If left untreated, they can lead to heart, kidney, and liver issues. Proper dental care can extend your pet’s life and improve their quality of life.

The Benefits of Choosing Companion Pet Care

You pick Companion Pet Care as a partner in your pet’s health when you choose them for dental care. Why our dental care services are unique is as follows:

Experienced Team: Our team of veterinarians and dental technicians are experts in pet dental care. They have the experience and knowledge to provide advanced care for your furry friend.

Advanced Technology: We invest in modern dental equipment to ensure precise diagnostics and treatment. From digital dental radiography to ultrasonic scaling, your pet receives the best care possible.

Personalized Care: We understand that each pet is unique. That’s why we tailor our dental care plans to meet your pet’s specific needs, ensuring they receive the most effective treatment.

Compassionate Approach: We know that a trip to the dentist can be stressful for your pet. Our team takes a gentle and compassionate approach to keep your pet calm and comfortable throughout their visit.

Educational Support: We believe in empowering pet parents with knowledge. We guide at-home dental care practices to help maintain your pet’s oral health between visits.