Companion Pet Care has an on-site, fully stocked pharmacy for your convenience and your pet’s good health. We carry the safest heartworm and flea and tick control preventatives for you and your pet and a wide range of prescription medicines and prescription diets to keep your pet healthy. When you buy your pet products directly from us, you can be sure that your products are legitimate and have been stored and cared for according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Through our pharmacy, you can purchase medications and products needed for:

  • Fleas and ticks
  • Heartworm preventatives
  • Prescription medications for illnesses, ear infections, external parasites, eye problems, heart problems, immune problems, internal parasites, intestinal upset, respiratory infections, skin problems, thyroid deficiency or excess, and behavior issues.

Our pharmacy also carries a full line of prescription foods to meet any special nutritional needs your pet may have.

To access the pharmacy, download the app and then request medication.

**If your pet needs specialized medications, we may use local pharmacies or special compounding pharmacies to meet your pet’s needs**